Terms of use of radio frequency spectrum

The radio frequency spectrum is a limited and strategic natural resource and has a high-efficient value to the extent to be managed effectively and appropriately in order to obtain optimal use for maximum prosperity of the people.

In accordance with Article 33 paragraph (1) of Law no. 36 of 1999 concerning Telecommunication and Article 17 paragraph (1) of Government Regulation no. 53 of 2000 concerning the Use of Radio Frequency Spectrum and Satellite Orbit that any use of radio frequency spectrum must obtain permission from the Minister of Communications and Information Technology whose management is carried out by the Director General of Resources and Equipment of Post and Information Technology.

Permission for using radio frequency spectrum, including:
Radio Frequency Spectrum Band Permission (IPSFR)
IPSFR is a license for the use of radio frequencies submitted in certain radio frequency band formats on a national scale as well as a particular district zone. IPSFR issuance is decided through the mechanism of auction selection / beauty contest or evolution from ISR to IPSFR.

IPSFR is awarded for 10 (ten) years and can be extended 1 (one) time for ten (10) years.

IPSR has been used for radio frequency usage permission for mobile 2G / 3G mobile network needs (800/900/1800/2100 MHz) and Wireless Broadband (BWA 2.3 GHz) implementation.

Radio Station License (ISR)
ISR is a radio frequency usage license submitted in radio frequency channel format for each radio station. ISR issuance is decided through technical analysis of radio frequency channel awareness and potential interference to other radio frequency usage and processed according to the first-come first-served principle.

ISR submitted for a period of 5 (five) years and can be extended 1 (one) time around 5 (five) years.

Use of radio frequency that can be submitted in ISR format, between different needs for Microwave Link, IPSFR mobile broadband and wireless broadband network, radio and TV broadcast, maritime and aviation radio, satellite communication system, radio trunking, Transmitter Link Studio (STL ), and Conventional Radio / Concession / Komrad (Repeater Station, Base Station, Mobile Unit, Handy Talky (HT)).

Class Permission

Class permission is a right assigned to individual natural persons and / or legal entities in order to operate a telecommunication equipment using a radio frequency spectrum under which criteria must comply with technical regulations.

The use of telecommunication equipment and equipment in which the learning room permit is permitted shall follow certain technical regulations that are decided in the terms and the use of their frequency may be used in sharing.

The use of radio frequencies in radio frequency bands categorized as class permits, no longer required to have ISR or IPSFR, but the telecommunication equipment and equipment used must have device certificates and equipment issued by the Directorate General of Resources and Equipment of Post and Information Technology.

The study room permit has been applied for the use of the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz Bands as well as the equipment that uses radio frequency with a maximum transmit power (ERP) of 10 mW and equipment of Short Range Devices (SRD).

Radio frequency spectrum licensing service is carried out using information technology in the form of data processing system and national radio frequency usage database (Spectrum Management Information System), as well as monitoring system of national radio frequency usage and support of Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) of Radio Frequency Spectrum Monitoring (Balmon / Loka Monitor / Post Monitor) totaling 37 UPT spread in districts of Indonesia.

The use of radio frequency shall be in accordance with the Radio Station License granted, suitable for designation and not interfere with each other. Radio frequency users are prohibited from changing and / or changing the radio frequency, administrative data and technical data of radio stations already listed in the Radio Station License. The applicant must first submit a request for the evolution of Radio Station License data for the Director General of Resources and Equipment of Post and Information Technology, Ministry of Communication and Informatics. Radio Station License or a copy must be placed on the station station’s place.