Donner Social

Electronic, Pop - New York, NY, US

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Donner Social is an indie band comprised of the dastardly duo, Elanna White and Josh Ellis. Both native New Yorkers, they have spent the last 5 years making music, adventuring, performing and escaping certain death together. Now, they are proud to present their first full album titled, "…In Suspended Animation" as well as a few other odds and ends of their artistic musings, and hope that they make a brilliant addition to the music already playing in your head.

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...In Suspended Animation (2012)


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  • 1. Fly on The Wall 04:14

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  • 2. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? 04:10

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  • 3. There Will Come Soft Rains 04:23

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  • 4. Patterns In The Static 09:08

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  • 5. Videodrome 04:36

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