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"Setting aside the darkly ear-wormy melodies, haunting vocals, and refreshingly crisp grunge-pop that goes into Everyone Is Dirty's sound, it's singer Sivan Lioncub's violin slicing sweetly above the chaos of a final chorus, adding a heightened sense of gothic romance to a bridge that sets the Oakland art-rock quartet apart from the current fuzzy, grungy masses." / Emma Silvers, San Francisco Bay Guardian"

Formed in early 2013, the group has been steadily rising on the strength of their hard-hitting home recordings described as "bedroom-tapes on bath-salts" and their explosive live show. Backed by Christopher Daddio on guitar, Tony Sales on drums, and Tyler English on bass, Sivan has been called a "walking art-project". Her stage presence- with its impossible-to-turn-away-from, on the brink of insanity performance-art vibe is mesmerizing, and the way she shreds on violin is an entirely new animal. The band walks a fine line between catchy ear-worm rock tunes and a Greenwich Village avant-garde college thesis project.

Coming off the high of playing Live 105's BFD Festival, Everyone Is Dirty spent July touring the Southwest. Chosen by LIVE 105 & KQED as one of the top 10 bands of the Bay, their singles Mama, No!!!, Devastate, and Isn't It Great When Things Fall Apart have been enjoying radio play by SF's 105.3 LIVE 105, UC Berkeley's KALX and UC Davis' KDVS and Stanford's KZSU.

Their debut LP 'Dying Is Fun' is out on Tricycle Records on September 2nd and available on iTunes and through the Tricycle Records website in CD / Vinyl formats.

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Dying Is Fun (2014)


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  • 1. Dirtbag Side-Effect 02:38

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  • 2. California 03:05

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  • 3. Meltyface 02:41

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  • 4. Mama, No!!! 03:24

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  • 5. I'm Okay 03:15

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  • 6. I Was Born 04:24

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  • 7. Lost Thing 03:38

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  • 8. Devastate 03:58

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  • 9. Isn't It Great? 04:43

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  • 10. Cheesecake II 01:32

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