Friction Division

Rock, Indie - New York, NY, USA

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Huston Shcarr - Vocals
Mike Alexander - Guitar
Joe Fuzz - Bass
Frank "Irons" Delegro - Drums

Friction Division is a multi-influenced Rock band from New York City with a fresh, new sound. That sound is the result of four individual and very different personalities that, when put together unleash music that's loud, energetic, at times emotional, but always exciting.

Formed in October 2009 by close friends, vocalist Huston Shcarr and guitarist Mike Alexander, the band hit gold when Mike crossed paths with bass extraordinaire Joe Fuzz not even a month later. Over the next several months Friction Division would begin to develop their signature sound - a seamless mix of powerhouse vocals, hard hitting Rock, and bouncing Funk, a mix hard to find anywhere in the mainstream - all while playing shows all around New York City with a variety of talented drummers.

In August 2011 Friction Division proudly welcomed the very aggressive Frank Irons Delegro to the band and just like that they were now a bulletproof tank. Frank and Joe are very close friends who've jammed for years prior to Frank joining the band and have an incredible ability to read each others minds - the mark of a boss rhythm section! Together the bulletproof tank ready to break new ground and push the boundaries of rock music with something new and powerful to an unsuspecting audience.

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Friction Division (2012)


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