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Rock, Indie - Kansas City, MO, US

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Well, Josh was born in the back of a pickup on the way to church, Ian's dad made him listen to a click track while eating fruit loops when he was 5, Rick is allergic to alcohol so he hangs out in tattoo parlors all day instead of drinking like he . . . and Gus, well, we can't say much about him because he slurs so bad no one has ever really understood a word he's said.

The band formed, in large part, out of a need for haircuts. Haircuts resulted in music discussions, which resulted in the formation of a rock band. Before playing any shows, the band recorded a record in the basement and managed to get played over the airwaves on local radio station Alice 102 the day before the first show. It was a good start. After a summer of shows, we are back in the studio for round 2.

Four piece band - Drums, Bass, 2 Guitars, Vox and backup vox.

Band Interests
Sweat and volume.

Artists We Also Like
Foo Fighters and Jimmy Eats World

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Livin' the Dream (2012)


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  • 1. Dream 02:58

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  • 2. Road Trip 03:00

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  • 3. Who Are You? 03:21

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  • 4. Crazy 02:47

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  • 5. The Nights 03:54

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