Motion Pictures

Rock - Raleigh, NC, US

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  • Thu Nov 06
    International House Philadelphia




Motion Pictures, a six-piece rock-n-roll band, formed in late 2009 in Raleigh, NC and released their first self produced EP in 2012. The five-track EP showcases the band’s disregard for musical boundaries and is difficult to categorize, but easy to recognize.

Ryan Bartok - Lead Guitar
Robbie Brock - Drums
Clint Jernigan - Bass
Chris Pendleton - Vocals, Guitar
Paul Sanders - Keyboards
Ryan Tonkin - Saxophone, etc.

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Motion Pictures (2012)


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  • 1. Rock 'n' Roll Radiate 05:16

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  • 2. Call & Response 06:16

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  • 3. N.Y.G. 05:23

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  • 4. Back Porch Isolation 05:52

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  • 5. Mean Old Man 07:29

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