Sea Of Misinformation

Folk, Rock - Seattle, WA, US

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Sea Of Misinformation was formed by Ryan Giffin in support of his original material written for both studio and the stage. His solo CD, "Happy Songs For An Unhappy World", is on sale now and features a taste of the music the band was created to play. With the addition of Wolfgang on lead, Liz on bass/backup vocals, and Bill on drums the once soft rock/folk songs have transformed into upbeat alt-rock. Every show has the audience asking for more as Ryan leaps around on stage to the beat of the music while singing beautiful harmonies with Liz Jones. You never truly know what to expect music wise from show to show because the band has a plethora of songs that appeal to many different tastes. They play songs ranging from a traditional rock sound to songs that are very danceable. The band continues to write and perform new material, and is working towards a full studio album in the months to come. Sea Of Misinformation is a band that you don't want to miss!

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Happy Songs For An Unhappy World (2012)


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  • 1. Wagon Wheel 02:56

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  • 2. I Scream To God 05:15

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  • 3. Blood On My Hands 03:04

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  • 4. Southwest 03:01

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  • 5. Shoot Me Up 04:18

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  • 6. Sea Of Misinformation 03:56

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  • 7. Ashes To Ashes 03:01

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