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San Francisco indie-pop band Still Flyin' is gearing up for the release of its sophomore record On a Bedroom Wall May 22 via Ernest Jenning. FILTER premiered the first single "Travelin' Man" yesterday, saying that "combining twinkling synth hits, 80's-era guitar swirls and floating vocals, 'Travelin' Man' takes you on a trip that delivers you right to the doorstep of what Still Flyin's new album, On a Bedroom Wall, is all about, fun loving indie-pop."

Earlier this year the band also released the quirky teaser track "Cleat Talking," which has seen some great attention from blogs both in the U.S. and internationally. Still Flyin' will be touring North America in June to support the record (dates TBA).

Still Flyinʼ have been redefining indie-pop since 2004, drawing inspiration from classic pop songwriting and great times with great friends. Led by Sean Rawls of Masters of the Hemisphere, 2009ʼs much loved Never Gonna Touch the Ground established the bandʼs fun-loving credo, and saw them touring the world.

On a Bedroom Wall sees the band returning with a streamlined live setup to bring a tight new sound to their production and songcraft, mixed with a healthy dose of ingenuity and fun. Following on from the 80s influenced and synth-tastic Neu Ideas releases, Still Flyinʼ have once again upped their game, mixing hook-heavy melodies with signature choral harmonies and roto-toms aplenty.

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On A Bedroom Wall (2012)


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